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Giveaway Linky

Feel free to add your giveaways to this ongoing linky.  We will go through and delete expired ones frequently

When you enter your Giveaways, please follow this format: Blog Name, Giveaway Item, Ending Date.  Link directly to YOUR GIVEAWAY POST, not your blog home page.  Any links not following this format may be deleted without warning or notification.

PLEASE INCLUDE THE "END DATE" OF THE GIVEAWAY.  We are trying delete expired ones daily.  When there is no date, this makes this very difficult.  Thank you! 

Bloggers & Boutiques: Submit Your Giveaway

Step by Step instructions for adding your giveaway:

1. Click “Add your link” above
2. Enter URL that goes directly to the giveaway (linking to your homepage will result in removal)
3. In “Name” field, enter the name of the item being given away and a date it ends
4. Include your email address (don’t worry, it won’t be publicized
5. Click “Next Step!”
6. Click “Select” under the thumbnail you want
That’s it! Your entry should appear immediately. Your thumbnail may not appear until you refresh the page